I got the Bumper! I ended up finding 2 Explorers. One with a nice replacement bumper cover and a bent/cracked bumper structure (bad front end collision repair) and one with a pretty beat up bumper cover but a solid structure. So the Girlfriend and I combined them. It needs new foglights though. So I found these on Amazon. The bumper cost me $85.

The Girlfriend had a lot of fun too. When I was under the second Explorer, I caught her taking apart a Mondeo next to me. She got a Suzuki Sidekick logo the last time we went to the yard. She wants to make a wall hanging out of it.

And She Got it off!

After the junkyard we went to test drive a 1996 2-door Toyota Rav 4 with a manual trans. Its a hard top with the dual sunroofs. It was in really amazing shape for 214k mileage, she wants to buy it but needs to amass the funds. After that I took her to an empty parking lot and had her drive my truck a bit. She’s not that bad at stick driving! I may just make a Jalop out of her.

We’re gonna make the Bumper a couple’s project.

Here’s what we’re gonna do:

  • Bondo the whole thing for a smooth surface
  • Prime it
  • Paint match it
  • Modify the Inner structure to not hit the fascia on my Ranger (I knew this needed to be done going in)
  • Drill out the Ranger Bumper mounts to fit the Explorer mounting screws
  • Wire up the foglights

Its gonna be a lot of fun