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Saturday was long...

But at least I get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Went to start the laundry this morning and found the basement partially flooded. Needless to say, my plans of getting my homework done and doing some work down in the wood shop were put on hold.

To clarify it was less than half an inch of water only in part of the basement, but I quickly changed out the filter on the shopvac and got to sucking the water up. this happens from time to time when the ground is significantly saturated and the water comes up around a poorly sealed sewer drain pipe and surrounding area. Once it was contained to a small area, I went to Home Depot and got some quikrete water stop. Spent the next couple hours vacuuming and sealing up the areas that could potentially be an issue.


Think I got it all, but only time will tell as the rain had stopped before I finished. Will probably reinforce with another coat in the next couple days and pray it holds in the spring.

On the bright side, my former college hockey team I’ve been coaching got a big win this afternoon. What projects does everyone else have going on this weekend? Any tips for sealing basements?

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