Saturns Have To Be The Cheapest Cars On God’s Green Earth.

Over the past three months I have bought a

$100 Saturn

a $200 Saturn

a $700 Saturn

and even a $900 Saturn


The $100 Saturn was a 2001 Saturn SL1  that looked like to got into a fight, and lost. However I did have some zip ties in my garage and that seemed to do the job just fine. I sold it for $1000.

The $200 has more paint fade than actual paint on the roof, and some nasty scabs on the hood. But when you have a car that cost less than a used Chinese scooter, you learn to live with the little things. I put a new wheel bearing on it, and surprise of surprises! It drives fine! Even the tires were brand new. That one I re-sold for $1600.

Saturns are now cheaper than Chinese rice on a per pound basis. Since I am an unrepentant tightwad, I decided to write about it.


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