Giedo Van der Garde is fighting Sauber in Australia's supreme court to get his race seat back that he was promised in the 2014 season. They have to drop one of their drivers if the judge rules in his favor, potentially losing the team millions in sponsorship money. News links below:

Main link (Translated dutch article)

Read about it here.

In short: Van Der Garde had a contract for 2015 to race with Sauber and they did not honor it. The reason he was abandoned is because Sauber needed pay drivers with bigger pockets, (Nasr/Ericsson), so they were dropped with little thought to the legal obligations to VDG/Sutil. VDG won his lawsuit in Switzerland, and now wants the Australian courts to enforce that rule and get him a drive. SO, now Kalterborn has to drop a driver if the courts rule in Van Der Garde's favor, losing the team lots of money, and a driver that has put in a ton of testing work already.

What do you think? Should the courts rule in Van der Garde's favor?