Save a Porsche?

Continuing my search for classic Porsches at reasonable prices, I found this beautiful 935:


Now, at a price of 8000 Euro, you obviously don’t get all the original 935 parts. Some minor stuff, like the engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes, and most of the bodywork, are in fact sourced from a 1970 911 2.2T, while the exterior appears to be from Fibreglass-R-Us.

Now I’m wondering: Assuming that the mechanicals are okay and that the bodywork is slightly less rusty than the 912 I found a few days back, how much would it likely cost to return this car to a reasonably original-looking 2.2T state?

WAGs are accepted and, indeed, expected, but a thorough analysis in Euro-market prices would of course be welcome.

(Note that this is purely a thought experiment. I don’t currently have the money to buy the car as it is, let alone restoring it.)

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