Is it time for Barra to clean house at the Cadillac brand before it is too late?

The only reason Cadillac's sales decline in February made a bigger thud than Lincoln's is because they had further to fall, even if by only a few thousand units. The patterns the two luxury brands had were similar. Cadillac's Herculean SUV, the Escalade, has model sales of 1,489, up 91.9%. Sales of the Escalade ESV rose 78.9% to 888. The best-selling Cadillac, the SRX, posted a unit decrease of 24.7% to 3,809.

As an aside, for those keeping score, Mercedes sold 25,291 vehicles last month, up 5.2%. BMW sold 25,201, up 14.5%, and Audi sold 11,455, up 5.3%.


Hint, don't hire failed Infiniti execs. Or marketers not interested in cars. Because this is what you get. And note Caddy was down in an up luxury market. The thing is, the ATS and CTS are good. The idiotic pricing and marketing decisions have been one train wreck after another lately.


ps. Look to the price of the ATS-V. Sigh. . .

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