So, those of you that follow my enchanted ramblings know that I have an antique Audi I am currently fixing so I can sell it for money to continue on my other endeavors. Unfortunately that has come to a screeching halt. Who knew that an exhaust manifold for a 30 year old german car was so difficult to find without cracks?

My latest accoutrement is a 1992 Honda Prelude S (F22A1 for those in the know about engine nomenclature). It has 188,xxx miles on it and its my favorite type of car, ran-when-parked!

The rare Prelude stalks its prospective owner and says seductively, “when was the last time you saw headlamos this clear?”

So this nugget of awesome came to me via a co-worker. it was his 3rd car and long story short, he parked it back in 2006 (!) for no reason other than he had another, newer car to drive at the time.

The vehicle was offered to me and I accepted sight unseen.

if you look closely you can see the vines growing through the engine bay. “become one with thine surroundings”


Due to recent weather patterns in southern and central WV (wherein my location on the average tuesday is. Or any other day for that matter as I am a native), when I arrived at the scene of the decay, the whole front half of the car was covered in (I wish I had a picture of this) small fresh tree limbs. could not see the car for the limbs.

After several furious minutes of pretending to be a lumberjack leaping from tree to tree, The Mighty Elm! The Scots Pine! I finally found what seemed to be a very solid, albeit filthy, black Honda Prelude.

Oh and that Fart Can? Vintage. Circa Y2K1. Furiously Fast Brother.


Incredibly well preserved due to being parked on a concrete pad and washed properly after every snow season. Keeps the rust bug away.

Don’t Mind the S-Dime. Its my daily beater. More on that later

How about the other side Johnny?



Interior is amazingly clean. Dash isn’t cracked and the plastics aren’t faded or oxidized!

True beauty comes from the inside

Oh yea, and there’s this

This is SPARTA! (thunk)


Broken stoplight, beat-in quarter. At least it came with a new tail lamp assembly.

Next time on Save the ‘Lude we answer burning questions like “Does it run?” and “What does it really need?” and “Why was Jaberwocky given the green light for production?” the asnwers to these questions and more in out next episode of Save the ‘Lude!!