I decided to upgrade my 2017 Camaro V6 manual to a new LT1 model, with a manual. Somebody is going to get a great car in my old V6 RS, but wow the V8 is impressive. I spec’d this car so can proudly say I added a V8 manual to the world when it may not have existed otherwise.

I know Camaro is outsold by Mustang and Challenger, but I really don’t get it. These cars are great with an excellent chassis and powertrain. I’ve always thought Mustangs sound the best but this LT1 with dual-mode exhaust might take the cake. Cold starts are fierce and it will roar in sport mode.


I should probably explain some of the Camaro-isms involved here. Because GM, in their infinite product planning wisdom, decided to name this in a not at all confusing way. See, the lower trims lines of a new Camaro are called 1LT and 2LT, (we’ll ignore 1LS because I don’t know that if that car actually exists) where a higher number prefix means more bells and whistles. It does not indicate what engine the car has though, except a 1LT or 2LT cannot have the LT1 V8. A 1LT or 2LT can only have the T4 or V6. Moving up the trim ladder bring you to the LT1 model. Yes, LT1 model... which only comes with, and is the cheapest way to get, the LT1 V8. Got that? LT1 trim equals LT1 V8, not to be confused with a 1LT which gets the LGX or T4. Now, you can get a 1LT with the 1LE track package but you cannot get an LT1 with the 1LE package, unless you mean LT1 engine, in which case you get the 1SS or 2SS trim level with the 1LE track package, which has the LT1 engine. Now, you can also move up the the ZL1 with the LT4 supercharged 6.2 engine, and optional 1LE track package, but since ZL1 1LE just sounds crazy, most Camaro nerds simply call it a ZLE, because that is much more clear.

So, a Challenger R/T Widebody Scat Pack Shaker 392 is much simpler to understand, right?


LT1 engine in a LT1 trim level. That’s not at all confusing.

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