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Maybe this has been shared here, but if not, here ya go ya crazy animals:


For those without facebook, basically it’s a bunch of decent-ish old Volvos mostly 240 wagons, being pulled from destruction. Here’s a full copy/paste of the description. Supposedly they gotta be gone this month. The “facebook event” is dated June 26, and the event’s “owner” took a lot of time to go through some of the cars and provide details to potential buyers.

But first, I will say I AM NOT affiliated with this in any way, it just came up on my radar through a rallycross group. I KNOW NOTHING MORE.

So the story as it goes.

I was working in my driveway, and a old Land Rover Defender pulled in. The long-short of an interesting talk was a former shop/yard down the road was going to be crushing a bunch of 240s, and neither of us wanting to see that, he wanted to know if I wanted some.

Why they are where they are:

Previously, when it was an open-to-the-public-garage, there was an idea to have a fleet of 240s as lease vehicles to college kids in Burlington. They picked up a bunch, so all these cars were viewed as viable legal, on the road vehicles when they were aquired. Since, they have been moved around, maybe aggressively sometimes in the yard, but it appears that plan ended at them arriving where they are. I was struck by the lack of bad headliners on any of them, as well as the lack of mouse smell in really any of them. Then again, theyre in a field full of interesting things sitting on shredded tires. Theres better mouse houses I guess? I have seen none of them run or do anything, I dont think theres a one that doesnt need a full brake job and pretty much all the tires are trash. With that said, this was an operating shop with a plan, and these look like a fleet of cars that, classic to 240 style, with a good battery would hit on the fourth crank with a turn of the key (which they all had) but have a list of other issues that made them not necessarily “nice” cars. They dont look done. Keys are in the ignition on all, and in some cases previous reggos and other relics. Lots of parts too. Multiple nice radios and stuff.

That said, the list

Red 89 Auto Sedan

Last inspected 6/2010

odo reads 210xxx

Why you want it: the body is in great condition. Sunroof, Good glass on all windows and rear, glass + sunroof been closed, theres a flippin subwoofer and amp in the trunk, as well as missing bumpers, front and rear, glass and grill.

Major service tag @ 156k under hood, engine bay VERY clean. Oil, coolant, tranny fluid all there and appropriate colors, brake fluid present. No rust present on strut towers at all. The body is probably the best of all of them.

What it needs/downsides: 4 wheels present, 3 tires flat, uuuh, theres no seats. So thats a thing, some to many plastic interior pieces missing, otherwise interior complete. Think knee and steering column stuff for the dash, etc. Crack 10” long in windshield, bumper not on front, not attached on one side in back. Stock exhaust present.

The interior is half dealt with. Cage it!!

Black/Daark Blue 89 Wagon, Standard, m47

Last inspected 2/12

172xxx on odometer

Why you want it: manual wagon, nearly unfindable on craigslist. Glass is entirely present, unbroken, and has been closed. Radiator guard says plugs cap rotor at 133k, underhood is all present, including a battery. Oil, brake fluid good. Very good strut towers, looks like a bit of a leaky valve cover maybe. No rust by the rear corners on the gate. The front air dam is intact and badass lookin.

What it needs/downsides: mild front left corner damage on fender and drivers door. RR wheelwell has a bit of cosmetic rust attention needed, missing drivers seat, (only, others are there) missing glovebox, the passenger control arm wasnt bent or broken, but it did have a lot of flaking rust. The subframe support for the engine was totally fine though.

I mean, manual wagon. Get at it.

Blue Auto Sedan, 1990

last inspected 6/2014

mileage 158xxx

Why you want it: Daily driver material. All interior is there, all glass you can see is unbroken (passenger front window is and has been OPEN) Hubcaps, bumpers lights all unbroken. Coolant, brake Oil and tranny fluid all there and looking ok, the oil and tranny fluid are a bit dark but Ive purchased 240s with no issues with darker and more burnt looking atf. All four tires are still holding air.

What it needs/downsides: Looks like maybe a mild leak at the o ring on top of the water pump (common), the passenger side window is down. The car is leaning to the right so it looks like not much moisture came in, but the carpet by this is wet, and probably 6 square inches have some moss and wetness. There is no mold or mold smell to the car on a sunny day. Why? I dont know but I guess storing cars on shredded tires makes them warm and dry? The interior is in better condition than my wagon, if you ever peeked inside mine during my SR games. Theres also mild rocker rust that needs to be dealt with where that window has been open, but the jack point directly in front of it is completely unaffected and solid. The rest of the body appears to need no immediate rust attention.

With a jump this looks like could be a daily. I also found a previous registration from a guy I used to work with in the glovebox, along with a toy snake. Both were kind of exciting.

Baby blue Standard 85 wagon (m46)

Mileage : no guages, last inspection sticker 8/2014, however theres a plate on the back with reg expiring 9/16, so it theoretically could have been on the road three years ago.

Why you want it: The oldest. Manual wagon! Interior complete, save for the guages. (the maroon sedan has several sets in the trunk) Maybe on the road like three years ago!? Badass roofrack. 3 tires still holding air, real nice vinyl interior, rear axle, arms, exhaust and and springs look very rust free, for an 85 this is a reeally really nice shell. No visible rust in either rear wheel wells. Oil level is good.

What it needs/downsides: the rearmost big fixed wagon window is smoked, and all over the back of the car. The rest of the glass is good to go, and the interior is in very good condition, not moldy or wet at all, but dealing with that would have to happen. The lights and housings appear to be missing, maybe in the back of the red sedan, the hood definitely needs readjusting. The fuel rail also appears to have a break or an attempted crimp gone wrong at cylinder 1, this is really the only one that didnt look jump able.

This one is definitely probably the most work sourcing things to make it run and move, but the list is still insanely short, and the return is potentially the greatest. The oldest wagon, and manual, and the most recent documentation.

Dark Blue 1990 Auto wagon

Mine, sorry not sorry. Factory tow package with 2” hitch, electric fan, ac, tires holding air.

Red 1992 Auto Wagon

last inspected 4/2015

odometer 224xxx

Why you want it: its a wagon, it has an interior, 4 wheels, Glass entirely unbroken and closed….

What it needs: to be honest, this one was kinda rough. It definitely has the most rocker and fender rust, a decently weepy to aggressively wet water pump, some corrosion in the engine bay from that, 4 flat tires and a dented top. No radio. Decent dent in roof.

That said, cheapest one around. Still has the cat, block, diff, etc etc making it an ok parts car, I bet this one would be easy to make run but hard to pass inspection for road service. Rallycross the piss out of it.

Aand the heartbreaker.

1990 Manual wagon with m47.

No guages, mileage unkonwn

Factory tow package. Rumor of the factory truetrac lsd. ( I didnt see fins or an orange sticker on the door though) Body is incredibly rust free, no rust under hood. This is the one that made Nate come find me, cuz it hurts.

Prepped to be crushed and picked it up from the drivers side with a set of forks. It needs at the least, a windshield, drivers front door and glass, drivers rear window, (rearmost wagon window still unbroke!!) lights, wheels (none on car) theres no alternator, the valve cover definitely was leaky, theres no oil in the engine (but prepped to be crushed so maybe ok? It was DRY not low. Damage to the drivers side rear, doesnt look like the car is not strait. No guages.

Yup. MR? Its a project.

Annnd then pricing. I got to spend a moment with the owner and I met more the business side of him than I did previously. I mentioned that no matter what, I wanted three, and maybe more. He said he would give me my three at 175 a piece, but since they were getting 140 a ton for scrap, 120 a cat and change for wheels and such on top of that, any other would be 350, so if they all went they would break even.

I really only want the wagon I can swap my current Battleship’s drivetrain into, so essentially the cost of 3 cars is going to be 525 (175 per car), 4 cars 875 (219 per car), 5 1225 (245 per car) , 6 1525 (254 per car) and all 7 1925 (275 per car)

This isn’t as ideal, but its still amazingly cheap, and I guarantee you I am not trying to fleece anyone for money as a middleman here. I do also understand where hes coming from, and I wish I had kinda phrased it differently, but it is what it is. This is a weird situation that comes with no guarantees about anything, but I told him Id come back monday or tuesday with money. I suspect none of these come with anything other than a bill of sale. For usually 150ish I can register them as antiques here, and that would give a vermont reggo good to apply for a title elsewhere, as we don’t title anything over 15 years.

Im kinda burned up about writing now, so will add pictures later on, but theres the list.

I have no idea how to divvy up who gets what. Jordan was the first to comment on em, other folks have messaged me privately for friends, Im sposed to call a few people I havent who arent on Facebook..., I want to give people a fair shot at getting what they want for their own racecar purposes, but theres also heavy incentive for first come first serve to be a thing. I do NOT have space for seven cars and have no idea where these are going to go... and I also dont have the bandwidth do be doing any of this sooo.... yeah. But theres a list of cars.

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