Save the whales!

I’m doing my part, brought this beast home today:

1988 Crown Vic, Southern car (no rust at all) with 49K on the odo. Real miles, no rollover. Original paint with not even a door ding. It drives like the Love Boat.


Captain’s quarters:

That’s a lot of blue velour. No cupholders, but I got 4 ashtrays. None of them have ever been used.

Now for the not-good stuff:

Won’t shift into OD. Probably the 3-4 shift valve is stuck. This may free up in time. It shifts fine otherwise, and the fluid smells OK. Will have a tranny guy look at it, there’s a good one locally.


Tires are junk. Brake inspection and tire change today, when it stops raining. Needs an alignment.

AC is inop, and it’s an R-12 system. So either find an outlaw to recharge it, or convert to 134.


Only one speaker works. But the power antenna works, too.

Fuel leak, somewhere. That, I need to take care of right away.

Pretty short list for a 31 year old car.

Original window sticker included, shows $665 for the upgraded Brougham Roof Treatment and $167 for the High Level Audio System (which is gone, replaced by a Sony CD player that only plays thru one speaker). This was a $20,000 car in 1988 ($43,000 in today’s money).


Even with the problems, not bad for $6500. It’s got good bones. This is my third ‘88 CV and by far the nicest.

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