Found this old Cooler Master Sniper case on CL and bought it instead of the Lian Li I wanted. It was a bit of a drive to get it, but I’d been meaning to get up to this town for some time. Everything seems to fit, and it can slide under the desk.

Like the USB3 panel, this case has an eSATA port, so there’s one more SATA port taken up. I put in yet another expansion card to give me more SATA ports (I’m running two optical drives again, as well as at least three hard drives plus the SSDs), and it almost works; one drive isn’t being recognized for some reason. I haven’t tested the opticals, but I’ll get around to that eventually. And this card slows down the booting process but, well, whatever...


There seems to be plenty of room in here and I could have gotten fancy with cable routing, but for the most point I just don’t care about that stuff. As long as everything fits inside and doesn’t get chopped up by the fans I’m good. Thankfully I can also turn off the lighting on the fans at the touch of a button, and I’m good with that.

The ATX backplate came in the other day, so the timing of the newer case couldn’t have been better. Once I iron out these last few bugs I can sit back and just use the dumb thing instead of troubleshooting and upgrading.

The funny part was that all of this started as an attempt to build a cheap Hackintosh using and old HP workstation and now I’ve basically replaced everything and made it Windows only, and will have to rebuild the HP into a slightly lesser Hackintosh (less memory, lesser CPU, fewer drives) but it’ll be OK since I really don’t planning on using the Mac for simulation.

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