As I was driving home Sunday, I noticed an issue with the passenger side view mirror on my 2009 Lexus IS250. Basically, the housing for the mirror wouldn't stay in place any longer and was flopping back and forth every time I would hit the gas or the brake, making it useless for seeing anything and quite annoying while driving.

I made an appointment at my local Lexus dealer to get a diagnosis on what went wrong. While they were looking at it, I did some googling and came across a Youtube video showing the exact problem and a solution.

As it turns out, the mirror housing is held in place with a spring that is held on a post by a simple compression fitting at the top. Why Lexus didn't use a simple retaining clip that relied on something other than friction is beyond me, but it looked easy enough to fix.


Unfortunately, the guys at Lexus didn't think so and said the only way to fix it was to buy a new housing for $465. I showed them the video, but they still refused. After hearing that, I declined the new part and took the car to my local hardware store, where I purchased a big pipe wrench and a rubber mallet, per the instructions on the video.

10 minutes of work in my driveway that evening and the mirror is good as new. Thanks, random Youtube guy! I owe you a beer.