Going to keep it short since I have a ton of work to do but thought Oppo should know that there's one more manual on the road.

My girlfriend and her friend were talking one day and it was mentioned that the friend was looking for a car.

"Oh, you should email Cazzyodo because he's pretty much obsessed with helping people in their search!" - GF


So, she did.

One spreadsheet and a dozen emails later we have a list narrowed down to:

Kia Forte


Chevy Cruze

Ford Focus

Toyota Corolla

I was 100% certain she would get the Mazda3 after a test drive and told my GF this yesterday morning. Last night, I got the following:

I've looked at 5 of the cars, test driven three and have a Mazda3 on hold for me. Thanks for all your help! I never would have even looked at a Mazda if not for your suggestion.

You knew before I did. I just looked at it late this afternoon, as soon as I pulled out of the parking lot for the test drive I knew it was the car for me!

It's a manual.


Not sure the color, though...