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Saw 8Fast 8Furious 8

Jeeezus Christ what a bunch of bullshit. Holy fucking shit it’s so bad are you kidding me.

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I wasn’t expecting much but come on. The Rocks and Vin Diesels’ machismo bullshit, the terrible vomit-inducing script, the religion crap at the end and the nostalgia for PAUL WALKER RIP !!!!!!1!1.

Machismo, racism, american FREEDOM propaganda, - choose your pick, it’s got it all. Go Hollywood.


The whole approach to the film as wrong from the very beginning when they try to sell you frickin’ Pitbull as Cuban music. All of the cars there were nice and polished to perfection, all had correct American muscle car wheels... Which I’ve hardly ever seen on Cuban cars. I remember one of the hype videos where the “director” talked about details and authenticity to the cars... Waht a piece of shit. And when muscle boy Diesel rips apart the body panels we burst out laughing.

The bit with not being able to read Russian was borderline retarded. Such a primitive joke jesus christ. Why the fuck do these people pay millions for college and go in debt so much if you’re still gonna be an illiterate, un-educated fuckwit at the end of it. / Illiterate not because you can’t read cyrillic script, I can’t either, but just the idea of that joke is so primitive and closed-minded in it’s core that the person who thought of it must be either a ten year old or an asshole.


EVERY conversation they have is presented as deep, meaningful and crucial to the story. As soon as these retards open their mouth it’s accompanied with long stares and dramatic pauses. Every conversation is so planned out and fake that it’s impossible to take this shit seriously.

Even the chase at the end was boring and long as shit. You would at least expect them to be able to make a good action sequence - that was the very minimum of my expectations. You watch a bad Hollywood blockbuster for the action, right? You know everything else is gonna be bad. But they didn’t deliver even the minimum of my expectations.


After we left the theatre I had the urge to lock myself in an art museum and eat a copy of classic literature or something just to wash down the uncultured filth they shoved up my ass.

Thank you for your consideration.


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