As I walked out of Star Wars in IMAX 3D, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I made an agreement with my friends that we wouldn’t talk about the movie until we get to my car (I drove) lest we ruin the plot for the fans waiting in line.

When I got into my car and started her up, I witnessed the most amazing thing.

A family of 4 walked over to a white Acura RDX, then the father pulled at the door handle. The car wouldn’t open. He looked side to side, absolutely dumbfounded. He kept yanking on it, slowly at first, then quicker and with more force. It got to the point where I thought he was going to break it. I could hear his wife yelling at him to hurry up, so he started bumbling more.

After a solid minute of this (my friends and I couldn’t look away), he pulled out his key fob and pressed the unlock button.

A white RAV4 flashed its lights 5 cars down.

He waved on his family, they got into their fridge car and went along their merry way.


Don’t get an appliance, get a car.