...and daaaaaaaaamn does it sound gooooooooooood!

Still had a temp tag on it, so someone actually bought it.

I was walking out of the barber shop on my lunch break and I noticed the new-body Mustang heading my way, and then I saw it: the rectangular badge in the grille. The subtle yet muscular fender flares. White body with blue stripes all the way down to the ground. My finely-honed car sense immediately completed the puzzle, recognizing the significant presence as more than a mere Mustang:

A beautiful GT350. “Just” a 350, not an R., but a GT350 nonetheless.

Unfortunately, it was not slow enough nor far away enough for me to swap my keys in hand for my phone, but I did manage to give the driver a huge grin and a thumbs-up. The windows were too deeply tinted to let me see their reaction, though, and they may not have seen me since there was no response, not even a throttle blip. Still, though, when they burbled past, then turned onto the road, you could hear that flat-plane crank chugging along, like a racehorse champing at the bit, ready and anxious to go as fast and hard as it can.

In somewhat related news, I drove a ZL1 and 2014 Stingray today. They were, uh, well, ....boring. It’s been a Few months since I had to drive a Camaro (or Vetter, really), and visibility and ease of ingress/egress really are horrendous for a modern car, yes, even a sports car. I have no such problems in a 911, GT-R, Mustang, G37 coupe, etc., though I’d rate the 370Z as only marginally better because its small-ish and communicates well where the front wheels are.

Now I’m not sure if I want a GT350 or Focus RS more from an actual ownership perspective. No, I can’t justify both.