I took my fiancee to look at a new Forester on Saturday and managed to take a really bad picture while I was there! The color is awesome in person, but it was really crappy day and my old potato has dust all inside the camera.

Sticker was just a hair under $40k. I couldn’t get a call back from this dealer when I was shopping STi’s against the S3, or I might be driving a Subaru, probably not but maybe.


As far as the Forester goes, we both drove it and both had only one real complaint, the CVT. Much to my surprise, you can get a get a brand new Forester with a manual! Unfortunately there is around 1 manual for every 100 CVT’s, and the only one within 100 miles of us was gold/bronze. So if soon to be Mrs. Trip decides to throw in the towel on her cooper, she will have to order one.