Was in San Diego this morning and I saw something fairly exciting; I saw an M edition 535i. I find it exciting because I own the older yet unknown 533I. I couldn’t get any pics because it was in a left turn lane and I was going past it. But it was the usual dark blue/black colour they come in and was in amazing condition from what I saw. The person washes (probably waxes) it, still has a beautiful coat of paint and the leather interior didn’t look a day old. Even if it did have an M badge slapped on it, the car is in such a great condition I would still be impressed. Speaking of fake badges, this keeps showing up in the exact same spot near one of my favourite locally owned donut shops.

That painters tape seems to be holding up well.
What M car is that? I don’t recognize it. (Joke)

Just realized I didn’t blur the plates, oh well, I trust most of you guys not to be creeps or something like that.