Saw a thing, was admittedly oohing and awing.

Went to a stop in Kirkland today with a coworker because reasons. In the garage was a Eastside Special ho-hum new black-on-black Macan. The second I pulled up, the wife came out — without an actual hi, hey, hello — and loudly warned me that she’s leaving in 45 minutes so I better be gone by then. She looked malnourished but was certainly “peppy.” Sometimes vehicle ownership stereotypes hold true...

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But something else was in the garage: a Midnight Blue DB11 V12. The paint was so dark, you had to really look for any light sources so see that beautiful blue. The owner was proud and friendly, but it was noooooooot quote appropriate to snap a photo. There was sense of urgency throughout the air, as us various trades crowded the inside of the home. And there were various possessions crammed in the garage as well, so photography was not on the table.

Anyway... gorgeous car.

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