Saw a Villager In the Distance...

And it looked like it is wearing sweatpants...

Driving into work and saw a 1st gen Mercury Villager. Ordinarily, this would not bat an eye, but this one was white with blue cladding and a distinctive yellow trim...

Yes it was the Hallmark of the mid-1990s Villager, a Nautica edition.

No pictures as I was driving... but it looked like this.


So once I got to the office for grins and giggles, I decided to see if I could find one and how much. I only found 2 on SearchTempest. One in South Dakota for $975, though it looks like the underside has been swimming with all that rust.

It might be worth it just to drive to cars and coffee and be told by the car bouncer it wasn’t “cool or rare enough.”

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