I liked it. But...like almost all the superhero movies these days, there is so much going on I honestly can’t remember hardly any of it. here is what I do remember:

1. Pretty great writing, it really was a well crafted script especially for being about a pseudo-futuristic tribal nation with magic flowers and metal.

2. Andy Freakin Serkis. Man I can’t not love Andy Serkis and he was great here.

3. Nearly related - The parade of seriously great looking 4Runners. Great bar work, great wheels and apparently, like literally 100% of the vehicles in this movie according to the audio...including the Fiat Ducato...V8 swapped.

4. seriously, why are ALL of the vehicles V8?

5. Martin Freedman is an American? Alright, I guess.

6. This is so much better than even the best DC movie (wonder woman...which to me was a meh) that you have to wonder if the people making DC movies have even been to see a Marvel movie.


thats all.