Contains mazda, pontiac, corvette, and SS.

This Corvette is everything I want in a Vette. Manual blue C5. Give.

This Fiero GT was showroom minty fresh. Not a ding or scratch or paint swirl to be found, and the interior looked just like it had rolled out of the factory except for the Nardi wood steering wheel which looked far nicer than the nasty factory wheel. So much want. So very much want.

Oh. Oh yeah. Black out the chrome and I’m all over this business. How do people think this looks like a Malibu? Other than the fact they’re both sedans... I don’t see it at all.


Mazdaspeeds are cool.


Neat interior, too. I hate cable shifters with every fiber of my being. GTI? Mazdaspeed 3? Chevy Cruze? All have cable shifters, all of the feel godawful.


Also some guy had this dope-ass Riviera. What a winner. The less green I see on this the more I like it. There’s also a prerunner ‘07 Silverado running around but it’s on a lift right now so I can’t get a shot of it. Super cool, though, and done right. Prerunner fenders front and back, reasonable tires and wheels, some heavy duty shocks, and adjustable height which is set to its lowest height right now for, presumably, street drivability.