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Saw/drove the Craigslexus today

The exterior was pretry clean, and the interior was okay. The drivers seat belt was fraying a bit. I tried starting it but it wouldn’t turn over. The seller had to call her husband and ask him about it. The battery terminal was dirty. Hmmm...

There was condensation inside the back window and in one of the headlights. The trunk was a little moist. The mirror adjustment knob didn’t work.

The power steering pump was also going bad. At times I had to manhandle the steering wheel just to steer.

When I drove it, I found the clutch was having some issues. The whole car jerked when I changed gears.

Other than that, the engine was impossibly smooth. It made a nice sound too.

In the end, the car was just in too poor shape to consider. No Lexus for my driveway it seems.

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