Good lord what a fucking phenomenal film. I won't give anything away but I have to say that I thought this was going to be a much different story. This is not just another WW2 movie, this is a refresh for a tired genre. While it has some of the usual elements of war films, it never feels predictable, even though anyone who's got half a brain can guess how it will end. But that doesn't matter because it's what happens to this group of guys along the way that makes the story so good. The journey you go on with this tank crew is so gripping, you can almost smell the gasoline and sweat.

Some films rely on twists and turns to trick you into thinking they're good and sometimes they actually are. FURY doesn't reinvent the wheel but rather refinishes it, makes it new and interesting again. No CGI, shot on film, a great cast given direction by David Ayer(End Of Watch, Training Day, The Fast & The Furious) I don't know what more I really need to tell you, just go see it, thank me later.