Saw My First Bentley Bentayga Yesterday


Merged on to I-40 and saw a lightly disguised SUV. (No SR20 cause driving in traffic on the freeway in the city) The weird thing is that it had wraps on the taillights and 3 accent stripes/arcs in front of the rear wheel openings. (like this Carscoops image) When it signaled a lane change, the signals were amber and not red as the ‘16 models and they were horizontal rectangles. It had different openings on the front as is shown in the 2016 model promo pictures.

I caught up to it and saw it was a Bentley. (because it said so on the brake calipers).

The interior was full of measuring equipment. It had Michigan manufacturer plates and was heading east.


To be truthful, I was not that impressed looks wise. I know it is a very powerful and amenity rich SUV but that’s a lot of money just to sport a Bentley badge on a rather mediocre looking car.

But, moot point. I can’t to afford to buy one anyway.

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