Honestly it was only a matter of time with car shows like Cars & Coffee around which attracts amazing rides from all over the DFW metroplex. I was pleasantly surprised by the way it looked in person. I can’t have a full educated opinion until I have driven one however, because that is a huge part of the deal on cars like the Supra!

Naturally I also had to include the MKIV’s that were staring it down (3 white ones). The MKIV is still my favorite if I am completely honest. I wonder if the new car will attain the same status as the years go by.

Not expecting anyone to watch and search the video so:
The Supra is featured in the music portion of the video (starts at 10:10, smack down in the music portion for the glamour shots) and in the Asian car section driving off (21:11, right there).

I wonder what my fellow OPPO’s who have seen the MKV in person think. Better? Worse? Why? And I would love to know if you have driven one. I actually drove the MKIV not too long ago:

It was exactly as I envisioned it. A true GT car! I wonder if the new Supra gives you that same feel on the road.

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