I left work today to find my old Legend parked one space over from the Corvette. 91 Legend Coupe with a type II V-6 that I bought from the original owner and drove it for about a year. I sold it about four years ago with 165k on it and still running like a champ.

Sadly, it doesn’t look nearly as good as when I owned it with plenty of faded clear coat and some minor accident damage, but I’m glad it is still around. I actually sold it to some folks who also work at the University. They bought it for their kid who had just finished high school and was starting at the University. It now looks like a car driven by a kid... I used to see it all the time, but it had been awhile since I saw it.

I bought the car as a driving around town car, and it was great for that. I ended up buying a house and having a 52 mile per day commute. A 20+ year old reasonably complex car that got no more than 19mpg running premium on the highway was not going to be a long term proposition, so I sold it and bought the NB miata.


Same parking lot, taken on the day I sold it. It was a really good car.