It’s not unlikely that this will be the only BAC Mono I ever see. Really neat car, this.

Also saw my first Model X. Unfortunately, this wasn’t even a part of the show so I didn’t get to see the kickass doors...

There was also a Dawn. It was purple. And it had wood. So did I.


Now, this.... I quite like it. No idea what the story is here, though.

And this is the third 918 I’ve seen now... Still have yet to see a LaFerrari or P1, but I’ve seen three of these damned things.
And it’s still not the most expensive car here. That honor goes to the ~$12,000,000 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K. Apparently it’s the real deal, and the owner takes it out to this show and the regular Caffeine and Octane almost every month. I’ve seen it so much that I don’t even have a picture of it this time. Now THAT is how you own a car. Drive it so much that it starts to seem normal.