First, this almost impossibly clean Baja on way to work with WA tags all the way down in TX. Total sales were under 30,000 and not many people were buying these to preserve them.

Then just after lunch, a wild G-Class appears. No idea how many of these are in the US. Been on sale forever, but they only move 2,000-3,000 per year. Rare to actually see them out and about around here.

A bit later in the afternoon I got a call that my daughter had a minor injury at school and needed to be picked up. Sitting in a visitor spot in the lot was this black on black on black STS-V in its 4.4L Supercharged glory. They sold about 1,600 STS-V’s total. I’m pretty sure 90% are here in TX but they are still very rare to see. These seem like an awesome highway cruiser and I’d love to drive one some day.