Baton Rouge had a “mini” Maker’s Faire yesterday. The kids and I spent most of the day meeting local artisans and taking mini classes. By far, the coolest guys we met were with CFX, a special effects company. They make really expensive masks that are super realistic. Just look at this guy!

The mask was so realistic in the detail areas that my daughter thought he was wearing makeup to fill in the gaps (she’s a bit of a makeup artist nerd). We were shocked when he peeled the mask off and he had no makeup and a full beard!

They aLeo had a nifty r/c submarine that sported a shark fin. It was used on a low-budget thriller where a shark is terrorizing a bunch of kids. I noticed he was using an old-school FM-PCM radio, so we had a good time discussing how the new 2.4ghz r/c gear just couldn’t penetrate the water.


The best part? They are local! AMAZING!

We also did some other neat things, like a mini soldering class,


learning to make soap, flying UASs (aka “drones”), blowing gigantic bubbles,


and, oh, yeah Jamie Hynemen was there. We started listening to his talk, but when he started complaining about his years with Mythbusters, I lost interest.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. If there’s a Maker’s Faire in your area, you should stop by.