I went down to Nebraska’s Eagle Raceway with some friends last night. Eagle is a short dirt oval (1/3 mile?), and last night, it featured five classes of cars: Sport compacts, Hobby stocks, Sprint cars, and two classes of Modifieds, pictured above. During one of the modified races, the second and third place cars nudged a little bit, which basically all the cars do during all the races (we had one race in the evening that was stopped five times for crashes, with a total of at least 20 major crashes that evening). From what I could tell, there was no real malicious intent or flagrant wrongdoing from either driver, but one of the two cars, a neon green machine being driven by a driver with the last name Andersen, glanced of the wall enough to slow him down and allow maybe 5 or 6 cars to pass him. A lap or two later, a caution goes out, and the cars slow to a single file parade behind the pace car. This Andersen guy moves to the inside, floors it past all the other cars under caution, and then swerves and rams the second place car, spinning him out. Although I understand stuff like this is not all that uncommon in dirt track racing, it was still one of the most blatant and low-class moves I’ve ever personally seen at a sporting even. Still, it was quite funny to see the flag guy jump down from his stand, run over the the Andersen car, and all but hit his windshield with the black flag.

On a different note, I AM SICK OF LEGT LANE HOGS. I may be in the minority here, but I believe that if you are driving on an interstate in a non-urban area and you come up on a slower car not passing anyone in the left lane when it is clear to move right, it is okay to flash your high beams a couple times as long as you don’t tailgate. This Odyssey we came across on the way down is a prime example. At least in some areas, it’s even being enforced: