Sorry for the lack of a picture, I was dumbfounded when I saw what was going on, and didn’t get one.

So last night on my way home I notice a wheel cap come rolling in front of my truck as I’m leaving a light. I look ahead and notice the left front tire on the Saturn in front of me is shaking like literally nothing I’ve seen before. Honestly, the tire is probably deflecting an inch or two at the top. Death wobble extraordinaire.

We’re driving in a straight line and I notice that every time this car leaves from a stop, the tire is shaking like mad before stabilizing. After a bit she pulls from the left lane to the far right (2 over) and I can get along side her to see what’s going on.


Out of 4 possible lug nuts, she has one. The other three studs were broken off. I would have liked to have gotten her attention, but she was on her phone and not paying attention to anything around her. She was driving slower than the speed limit, so I presume she realized something was wrong.

I paced her for another mile or two just waiting to see that tire break off, but with traffic I lost sight of her. She was extremely lucky that road didn’t have any turns, but I imagine as soon as she tried to turn off it, the wheel probably broke off.

I’ve seen some shitty vehicles on the road, including a friend whose transmission literally fell out at a gas station, but I’ve never seen anything like that.

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