Friday afternoon we went and picked up the new van’s new axle and dropped it at my friend’s shop:

Got up and over there around 9 Saturday morning:

Set to work tearing the junk axle out. About an hour later:

With that done, I set into tearing the new axle apart and getting everything swapped:


Got the axle all back together, new brakes, bearings, and lines:


About couple hours later she was back together, brakes bled, and ready to rock (or so I thought):

So I loaded up my stuff, cleaned up, and headed home around 3:30.

The short trip was going great, the van was smooth, it was quiet, all was coming up roses.


Then I stopped at the stop sign coming into town and it stalled. Tried to restart it, nothing, just cranking. Listen for the fuel pump, nothing.

Alright no biggie, I have a brand new Mopar pump sitting at home, I’ll just strap it back to the shop. A neighbor drives by and asks if I need a quick hand, so we push it (thank god these are light) into a parking lot, and he gives me a ride home. I wait for my dad to get home from their errands and we tow strap it back to the shop. It’s about 7pm now, so dad takes me back home assuming I’m done for the night.

I load in the car, with my new pump in hand, and run to the nearby town to get a fuel filter. Get back to the shop around 8pm and set to work. Got the tank out, pump replaced, repaired a bad wire, replaced the filter, then it all fell apart. I went to plug the new pump in, only to find they “standardized” the pumps for all the years, meaning I needed a new pump harness because my 4 wire/5 prong plug won’t work with the new 3 prong pump!?!?!?!


So after calling around all morning yesterday to find the “adapter” harness, I said screw it, next dayed it off rock auto, and spent the day doing nothing.


Got the adapter harness Tuesday, so I went out and put it back together last night, everything went flawlessly. Drove to the gas station, threw some gas in, then went home and picked the family up to go for supper. We went and got supper without a hitch, the wife even commented on how smooth/quiet it was!


Put it on daily duty the rest of the week to see if any other issues arise, got me to work today without issue.