Yesterday afternoon I saw a post on here of a Yahoo Autos tweet that they would have an ND Miata at Silver Diner in Tyson’s Corner, VA. So I called up my Miata loving friend, who currently rocks an NC Club edition, and we went over to check it out.

And what can I say about it? The answer is always Miata! It was a really nice car. I love the way it looks, especially in person. Its interesting because its a bit of a hodge podge of car designs - you can see some Corvette in the front, Jag F-Type in the rear - but somehow it still all comes together to be unmistakably Miata.

Size wise, its about the same as the NB parked next to it. Inside, you can feel it - its slightly more cramped than my buddies NC, especially around the knees. The seats also feel slightly tigther, a bit more wrap around, which I appreciate but may be of some discomfort to those of larger stature. In keeping with its humble origins, the cockpit is very simple and driver focused. Visibility out of the car is great. In my friends NC I always feel like we’re down inside the belly of it and looking out through a porthole, like driving a tank with the hatch closed. The ND has a great view out over the hood and out the sides, making it feel more open and spacious than it is.


One thing I didnt like was the chintzy cupholders. They are these little plastic things with a funky arm on the bottom and can be swapped around between the center consile behind the elbow or just off the center stack next to your knee (at least for the passenger). It feels very gimmicky, like something that will break easily. One thing I did come to appreciate was the center mounted screen. It looked very tacky in press photos, like an afterthought, but somehow sitting in the car it felt more integrated to me. One thing that remains to be seen is how it works - its not a touch screen, it uses a rotary control knob on the center console. Here’s hoping Mazdas UI is up to par.

I was so busy looking at and discussing the car I only took one photo, so here it is: