Went to the coast this past Sunday for the start of Cruisin’ The Coast and came across this beautiful 2017 488 Spider. Got to talk a little with the very southern talking owner (the guy in the blue shirt and straw hat) who was super nice. More pics inside.

This particular Spider was just finished in July and he picked it up from the Ferrari dealer in Dallas, TX right before coming to the MS gulf coast to see the start of the week long classic car show we have every year.

Hearing the car start and idle while he let the top down was a thing of beauty. It only takes a few seconds for the top to disappear.


The car had carbon ceramic brakes, which were absolutely huge. Not sure how much that option is, but one can assume it was several thousand.

 The interior was very nice as well. Lots of buttons and such everywhere but it didn’t seem cluttered.


One person was brave enough to ask how much it cost. The owner was nice enough to oblige and said a little over $317,000. He also said he had a 488 GTB and traded it in for the Spider when he knew he was getting one.