Definitely in the “it was good” camp, but not without its flaws.

Spoiler the first:


Ben Swolo. So the really funny part of this to me is that Kylo Ren reminds me of my brother, both in that my brother is kind of awkward and lanky and also that he is a sometimes whiny manchild.

So I found the shirtless scene kind of funny because of all the things that Kylo’s character is, serious is not something I have been able to attribute to him. He’s a super irresponsible child who doesn’t seem to have any kind of emotional grasp of the weight of his actions. And actually, he’s kind of what Anakin Skywalker from the prequels should have been.

Spoiler the second:

Fuck JJ Abrams. Ok, this one needs some explanation. JJ has this nasty fetish for putting little “question boxes” into his stuff that he has no intention of ever explaining because apparently when he was a kid he decided that not knowing was better than whatever the explanation you could come up with was. The problem is that when you’re making stuff that other people are going to have to explain, and you’re just making shit up, the resulting explanations to bail you out tend to suck. See: smoke monster. This, IMHO is why TLJ basically explains none of the lingering questions we had in TFA: JJ never got there because he doesn’t give a fuck, and so Rian had basically nothing to work with.


I’m in the camp that thinks Snoke’s backstory needs some elucidation in a way that the emperor and Vader never did. The Emperor had a clear backstory: he’s the Emperor. We don’t need to have any more than that because we don’t know any more about anyone else. But in the new movies, we know where basically everyone else is from, and Snoke basically has just appeared out of nowhere. Which makes very little sense in the context of the victory of the rebellion. Why wouldn’t he have taken over the Empire while it was getting its ass kicked? Also, the Empire was a “humans only” outfit, and the emperor fit into this narrative pretty easily. Snoke is not human, and thus his leadership of the “humans only” club would seem to demand an explanation.

Spoiler the third:

Luke wants to end the Jedi. This doesn’t get explained in a satisfactory way, as far as I can tell. Luke’s lost his pupils and is bitter and rationalizing ending the Jedi. But we don’t really get a decent explanation of this rationale: Rey, who knows nothing of the Jedi or the force, refutes his Jedi = failure bit without even the tiniest bit of thought. Surely there’s something more compelling than that?


All in all, it’s not terrible and if you pick over most of the movies with anything finer than a fro pick you’re going to find a lot of stuff you’d rather not think about.

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