Say hello to my 2017 Subaru BRZ!

After the 50 km drive home from the dealer! No holes in the bumper because of the relocation kit.

After almost 5 years of lusting after this thing, I can finally post this headline. Over that time, I’ve gone to university, made tons of new friends, and during that, worked in accounting, construction, and engineering (which is now where I will hang my coat). So after tons of hard work, this is my early graduation present to myself. And, for those wondering:


Si, es manuel. Es muy bueno.

EDIT: A few more iPhone glamour shots:


Proper photos from my DSLR will come soon.

EDIT 2: Wow, didn’t expect all the congrats comments coming in from you guys. I really appreciate it! You’ll be seeing more of her soon for sure.

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