I would like to thank my eBay alerts for helping me to locate this one owner, full service records, 276k mile and five speed manual 1993 Lexus ES300. My search wasn’t necessarily for this but I was looking for a cheap manual sedan and this fit the bill. Just hours after this car was listed I made the call to the dealership, fumbling with some questions but ended the call with me coming in the following days with a trailer. The trailer wasn’t needed but my friend with a Ford F-250 wanted to showcase its diesel prowess. The car appeared how it did in the photos and the interior looked even better. I was given the keys and took it around the industrial area. While rowing through all the gears my passenger was testing every button and it all worked. Except the passenger seat heater. The transaction went smooth and I was able to enjoy perusing this dealership, that I will talk about later.


This vehicle is a real statement for longevity when its been cared for by one owner. Since I purchased this car from a dealer I was even able to keep the original title. Projector headlights and fog lights make this to me, ahead of its time. Yellow fogs and blueish projectors make for a striking combination. The working six disc CD changer and eight speaker stereo make up for the lack of modern connectivity. This is my first car with a seat heater and the lower air vent blows right at your lap. The shifter throws are long but all gears gate easily. The shift knob shows the most wear in the interior and will soon be replaced. The brochure calls this car an “executive sports sedan but that claim is bolder than its styling circa 1991.

I’ll enjoy cruising around in this semi pillar-less sedan until Toyota decides to buy it back from me at a million miles. Who knows what states and stories it will see. Maybe I’ll even do something crazy like auto and rally crossing it.

I have a strong desire to recreate this photo. Photo from brochure.

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