Say Hello to Oppo’s Newest Good Girl

I finally adopted a dog! I’m so, so happy to have a dog in my life again. We’re going to have some great adventures together.

I’m naming her Ravna. She is a 1 year old shepherd mix who was found near Woodlake, California just over two weeks ago (on Pi day!). She gets excited when she sees other dogs, and she seems to like people too (particularly women). She’s curious but pretty reserved right now, likely from being tired and overwhelmed. Two days ago, she was in California and had ovaries; yesterday she was transported to a shelter up here and got spayed; today a strange man took her, drove her to yet another new place, and introduced her to these weird soft things that are great for sleeping on:


I’m really looking forward to bonding with her over the next few days and weeks, and seeing her personality come out as she gets used to me and her new home.

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