Say hello to **Delta**, our new rescued cat!

Today was like a special day for shelters or something, so we went to check it out and ended up getting a cat! She’s a year old and very friendly, she actually likes me unlike every other animal on Earth. I wanted a dog but after spending time with her, I realized that I like cats too. This is the first of many Jag posts to come!


*I decided on Tacoma, my mom likes it but my dad and sister are questionable on it. Any other name ideas? I want something car related lol

**We all have names that start with A in our family, except my mom. Hers starts with D and she wanted a D name for her, so I pitched Daytona and she loved it. Everyone else agreed it was good, so now it’s official! Say hello to Daytona, everyone.

****Parents woke up, decided Daytona was meh. Delta is her name now, though I suggested that yesterday and they didn't like it? Expect her name to change again by tomorrow lol

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