On this Saturday, I will be taking a flight to California from Illinois. It’s going to be my first plane trip ever! What for? Well, the lovely steed that will replace Tucker!

It’s a 2016 smart fortwo Edition #1.

This car is freaking loaded to the nines. Unfortunately, I do not get the manual...However, in its place, I get a limited edition smart with the LED lighting package, heated seats, proximity sensors, the works.


And the best part? All it takes is trading in Tucker and flying out to Cali. My payments even stay the same! :)

Why not the manual? I found the manual that was on the lot to be of a boring colour, and it didn’t have any of the features I wanted. I could have ordered one from the factory, but it wouldn’t have been an Edition #1 car either. So you know what? Still a win to me. :)

I don’t have any official photos of it to post here yet, as the dealership photos are kinda high res, and shhhh, it’s a surprise! :p


Now, here’s the funny business. Will any of the Chicago Oppos be around on Saturday to get me to O’Hare?

Note for shop-teacher: Sorry I won’t be able to help on Saturday. Unfortunately Sat was the cheapest flight I could book this week. :(

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