Say hello to the Caribian Sporty Jeep. 4x4 MT rental for $25/day. Much excite. Trip planning within

And it has AC, which I’ve been told is a necessity. I’m genuinely concerned I’ll be ducking to fit under the roof, so hopefully the panels pop off or something.

rTrip planning is entering the final stages. Decided to grab a jeep (equivalent) to explore off the beaten path on Ko Samui, or... Idk. Pick up some girls on the beach? Driving laws on the island are few, and quite lax. Only the driver needs a seat belt, right-of-way isn’t a thing, and parking? Park wherever, as long as it isn’t in the way.


I think I’m going to like this place.

Current itinerary is Seattle - Tokyo - Bangkok - Krabi - Koh Phi Phi Don - Krabi - Ko Samui - Bangkok - Tokyo - Seattle.

4 nights in Tokyo, 6 nights in Bangkok, 3 nights on Koh Phi Phi Don, 4 nights on Ko Samui, 1 last night in Bangkok. Good mix of megacities and island paradise. Hotels all strategically picked to ensure free breakfast, in case we run out of money lol. Thankfully Thailand is super cheap by western standards so it prooooobably won’t be an issue.


Speaking of money, thanks to a mix of serious flexibility on dates, some epic point transfers and a flight credit from Delta, current costs for the entire trip are sitting pretty at.... Wait for it... -$310.

It took a literal 7 hours straight of clicking, calling emailing, spreadsheet wizardry, etc. To make that number a reality, but as it stands we’re being paid $310 by airlines to take a 20 day vacation through Asia. I’m pretty proud of that, although a Tokyo - Bangkok round trip still needs to be booked, so the total for lodging/transportation will cross over in the positives.


Currently working on a list of restaurants to try, in addition to endless street food. If anyone wants the Miata, I doubt I’ll fit inside by the time I get back...

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