Do you like the KTM 690 Duke, but just wished it had more power and an extra cylinder? Well I have some very good news!

This prototype (note the lack of a real headlight, mirrors, turn signals, etc.) has been making the rounds at the motorcycle shows, but this is the first time I’ve seen and heard (good god it sounds wonderful) it in action.


I’d love to see them put out a sport-touring variant a la the Superduke GT. Adding some wind protection and some luggage would be super handy

Personally, I’m more a fan of the latest Husqvarna Vitpilen & Svartpilen styling, but I’m seriously digging the Duke. In my opinion KTM does a much better job with the the aggressive angular styling than what you see on the Yamaha FZ-09 & FZ-10. BTW, that exhaust is bonkers, but I wouldn’t count on it making it to the production model but we’ll see. Unfortunately we have to wait until the 2018 model year, but that gives me time to start saving for one!

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