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Say hello to the KTM 790 Duke!

Sweet baby Jesus I’m in love! The EICMA motorcycle show is going on in Milan this week and there’s been a bevy of awesome bikes debuting. This little bug makes 105hp / 63 lbs•ft of torque and weighs 418 lbs wet and 373 lbs dry.

I actually really like how it looks. I’m normally not a fan of the decepticon styling of a lot of the newer naked bikes (I really hate the looks of the Yamaha FZ-09 and Fz-10), but KTM’s styling does it in a much less fussy and busy way that I think looks aggressive, sleek, and clean.

Spec’s look pretty on par with the Triumph Street Triple 765 as far as power and weight. I love triples, but a 270 degree firing order twin sounds rad too.


Personally, I’d love for them to give it the touring treatment a la Superduke GT.

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