Well here she is, my new to me buffalo.

As you can see she is a 2009 Chevy Impala LT in Mocha Bronze. She is the last of the W bodies, a breed that once dominate the american road way. With her OHV 3.5lt v6 based on the archaic 3.1v6 of days past she sports 211 hp and 214 ft-lb. Which is adequate to propel her forward, or backward with out even a whiff of excitement. Her suspension is basic and offers a ride that’s not harsh but also not cushy. Along with a middle of the road ride, her lack of fancy suspension also means she turns about as well as the queen Mary, which makes her feel twice as large as she is.

Here you can see her lackluster interior. A combination of brown and beige. As exciting as you’d expect for a rental fleet spec vehicle. Luckily this one is a LT1 (barely) which really is to say the previous owner opted for buckets vs a bench, and also ticked the box for the 2nd tier stereo. Which means she has an aux input and two more speakers, for a total of 6. Which would be cool if those extra two didn’t come in way of two useless tweeters. One feature she lacks that I’m not use to not having is the courtesy “engine running light” like you find on most Cadillacs. I know it’s not a huge deal as I usually know when my engine is running, but not having that little orange engine running light on the dash just feel weird.


Basically this bitch is basic, big and brown. That being said i paid 7300 for her. She has had one previous elderly owner who only put 65k on her. She has a three year bumper to bumper and drives and feels like a new car. Also I got 31.6 mpg on an extended road trip after I picked her up and mixed driving is seeing 25 mpg.. not terrible but not good either.

Well ok..


She’s not totally boring. She did get drunk that one time on spring brake and woke up with a tramp stamp..