A 2014 Ford Fusion SE 2.0T.

Promptly named by my girlfriend, as soon as she saw it, "The Shark," because apparently it looks like a shark. Okay.

Tuxedo Black over Charcoal Black interior with a sunroof, Navigation, and SE Appearance Package.

It's a beautiful car honestly. The interior is miles ahead of the Vue, which I always thought was really nice to begin with. Sync is pretty easy to use. The 2.0T hauls ass when you get on it (and has paddle shifters!) The steering is nice and tight and the brakes are great. The rides a little on the firm side, but no worse than the Vue's. I love it.


We also looked at an Impala, which was nice but I had more room in the back in the Fusion, and we there wasn't one on the lot that we really liked, and it was more than my mom wanted to pay. My brother is a little irked we got a Ford, but he's going to have to just get over it.

We don't actually have the car right now. We're having remote start installed on it, and my parents didn't want to take possession until after the first of the year so we don't have to pay taxes on it for this year. We're going back next Friday to finalize everything and take it home!

So yeah, that happened today.