At least they get infotainment right. Either that or SYNC is a gigantic piece of shit (it is) The reason your ol pal 50 says this is that I have my good old iPod Classic that I carry with me because why have 100 songs when you can carry 4700? Well that is what I thought too but apparently my work car which is a Ford Escape seems to think that its more fun to completely lose its shit and randomly change to entirely different albums mid-album. My personal car a Dodge Charger and its Uconnect can wantonly flip to different albums, tracks, or entire playlists without so much as a judder and its from the dinosaur ages of 2013! So why can’t Ford find a way to make SYNC behave properly? I honestly can’t get it to function well in my soon to be ex-wife’s GMC either though so I stand by my statement that Uconnect is best. I’m not honestly sure if its just that they aren't up the gargantuan task of indexing that much music in an intelligible way or what but they are also slow, clunky and generally un-fun to use

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