Saying Good Bye to a Noble Steed Today.

My little sister is inheriting ownership of the GP. Im moving somewhere where I won’t need a car, and technically its my parents car anyways. At this point its my first and only car. 50,000 miles put on it, 5 years, 3 fender benders, one fallen tree, a hell of a lot of good times.

My Opposite review back when we were doing those a ton put it at 55/100, which fits. In the end it’s a standard W-body, not particularly great at anything, but equally not spectacular bad at anything either. But in the end, never let me down. Starts up everytime, the V6 does everything I ask of it, gas mileage isn’t even that bad overall.

As it looks today:


A few other pictures from throughout the years, be warned, this is just an album of a tan W-body:

First Day with it, when it was in real good shape.

First fender bender:


A few years into ownership, still not too bad:


Last January:


Last April:

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