Last night I bid a fond farewell to my car of 5 years, She was sold to make room for another car. First, let me say that getting rid of a car for me is always hard. I mean this car has been with me almost as long as I've been with my wife and you certainly develop a familiarity with something that sticks with you that long. Of course there is more to it than that and instead of spelling it out I will assume the majority of Jalops already know how It feels.

To be clear, I'm happy I sold it, I got $11,000 for a 96,301 mile 2005 car...about $1000 over book so I should be. Plus selling this car means that I have room in my life for another car that is currently on a truck, driving east towards me right now.

A 1997 Land cruiser. Why would I sell a turbo AWD manual wagon for a 4 speed auto land blob from the beige company? I don't really know, to be honest, but I feel its the right call. Moving on is hard for me, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't. The Subaru chapter of my life was great, it was a camper, a canyon burner and utility vehicle and I loved it, just like I dearly loved my previous car and the one before that...but chapters end and new ones begin and that's how a life's story is written. I'm really excited for this chapter, the one with scout camp outs, and hikes with the family, and slowing down on the road to a more relaxed pace (and fewer tickets), a chapter that includes less necrosis about detail and more focus on the big picture. Being a Jalop is more about manual wagons after all (don't worry, The other family car is a Jetta Sportwagen TDI 6 speed manual).


But at the risk of digressing into the philosophical, I wanted to post a little remembrance of the Forester...I think it deserves that.

I bought it in 2008 with 40,000 miles on the clock and went strait to work. The very night I bought it it rained hard and, knowing that it didn't have TC and it did have balding tires I took it to a local parking lot and found out how to do long lurid 4 wheel drifts. Good times from day 1. A theme that would continue (albeit not as much on tarmac after that).

One of the best (and worst) things about the forester was its utility, I saw best and worst because, as johnny cash would say, it could get you into trouble but it couldn't get you out.


It held lots

and lots


and lots of stuff

And it took me to some pretty cool places.


And could even handle a little trailers, but it never liked it. The utility part of the car was starting to wear thin after a while; the rear springs were starting to sag, I could hit the rockers on the lightest of off road trails (getting to this campsite for example) an it kept me away from doing things unless I was sure I could do it.

It was also a pretty great sports car, because of the way the suspension differs from wrx and STI models, the Forester lift of over steers very easily and the short gears of the 5 speed gearbox and the broad power of the EJ255 made short work of canyon roads.

Short version here

but again, it wasn't a sports car, too much body roll, too much understeer and the steering only felt decent when on the limit.


It was a good Compromise, but a compromise nevertheless.

The thing is, like all good cars, this had 5 years worth of stories, from sideways antics, to being shot from a helicopter.

I really did almost shed a tear as I watched the new owner drive away last night. MY only comfort was knowing that it was going to someone who knew what it was and could appreciate it.


Sorry about the sap, it must be brake dusty in here.