Sayonara to the land of desk jobs, I'm opening a restaurant

Nobody I know who works in a kitchen wears a watch like this in a kitchen

I’m a huge food nerd who has been working in IT staffing for the past almost-11 years. It was never something I particularly enjoyed, and I’ve wanted to open a restaurant for a long time, but refused to take on a bunch of debt to do it. Well, the funding has fallen into place, so it’s restaurant time!

Since this is the very early stages of the process, I’m holding the concept a little close to the vest, but needless to say it will be sufficiently hippie-friendly in its sourcing of ingredients and making everything from scratch. I’m meeting this week with a lawyer, and after that, I’m meeting a commercial real estate broker to check out a possible location. There are other assorted meetings and such but I can say that my full time job is now doing all the legwork to get this place opened.


Right now I’m on my way to the cutlery store to have some knives sharpened (been meaning to for a while but was too occupied being an office drone) and talking to a couple purveyors about ingredients.

Once things are a bit closer to happening I’ll be setting up the usual facebook, instagram, etc. type pages and may post an occasional update here but I’ll be sure to not be spammy.

In the immortal words of Justin Wilson, my favorite TV chef when I was a kid,


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